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Soul care and finding meaning

The soul is the deepest parts of ourselves, our essence, our longings, the things that make me uniquely me. Some cultures believe the soul resides in the lower abdominal area of the body but has connection to the body and mind as a connector to the greater good. The soul is the human need for meaning and to have impact or to leave a legacy behind us. The care of the soul is necessary for full wholly living. The people I work with who struggle with soul care often struggle with making meaning from their lives and vice versa. Humans need a deeper connection to something or someone bigger than themselves. This might take the form of some sort of church attendance or spiritual practice, such as praying, reading or meditating. It also might look like being in tune with nature and supporting the health of our planet (I did a series of podcasts about this with my friend, Katie Kurpanek of That Minimal Life, if you're interested in hearing more about how supporting the planet and clean living relates to soul care. You can find it by clicking the button below.) It might be connected to your relationship with God or creation. The soul and its care shows up in lots of different forms and can look different for every individual. What does it look like for you?

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