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Coming Into Alignment

Haver you ever noticed yourself saying "yes" to something when you actually wanted to say "no" but didn't know how or didn't want to hurt someone's feelings? Have you ever said something or done something that is out of character for who you are or who you want to be? Do you end your day feeling disappointed with how short-tempered you were and vow to "try harder" tomorrow? Do you ever feel like you're white-knuckling your life? Yeah, me too. The month of March is always a little busy for me. With my birthday at the beginning of the month, I end up over-scheduling myself in an effort to connect with people I love whom I haven't seen in a while. This year felt a little different. I am operating at a slower pace these days and trying to reduce my stress and spend more time with my family. The last few years of birthday celebrating have been sparse for me due to pandemic life and having a baby. This year, I was very strategic about how I spent my time and energy. I worked to keep my stress levels low and my emotional and mental availability for myself and my family high. And it worked! I'm finishing out the month feeling more connected and centered than when I started. I experienced much less moments of frenetic energy and disconnection, which has literally never happened in March! So, how did I make it happen? I have been working for months now to align my mind, body and soul. And God seems to be putting people and ideas in my path to bring ME into more alignment. Aligning our mind, body and soul means getting in touch with each of these to do a check up and then take actions to bring those three into alignment with each other. Here's what I figured out when I did this check up:

  1. My mind felt stuck and controlled by thoughts of self doubt and fear

  2. My body was holding all of my stress from the fear and doubt in my mind and was not given enough time to rest

  3. My soul had not been fed in months and needed to be accessed in order to experience healing in the other two areas.

Disconnection and lack of alignment can be seen in all different areas of our lives: physical, emotional, mental, relational, professional and even systemic. I'm going to be talking more in these monthly love letters/newsletters to you all about aligning our mind, body and soul as I continue to work in my own journey toward doing that at a deeper level.

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