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Bodycare as Self Care

focused on body care for one month. Nothing earth shattering. Just simple daily habits that I started for one month. I started the month feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and irritable. I ended the month feeling:

  • happier

  • more energetic

  • healthier

  • more motivated

  • calmer

  • more insightful

We all know that self care is essential for thriving. Self care has become quite the buzzword, even in religious and spiritual circles.

But what is it and how do we ACTUALLY do it?

I like to break self care up into 3 parts: body, mind and soul care.

Most of us think of self care as massages and pedicures, which is definitely part of self care. But self care is so much more and goes so much deeper than that. When we tap into the natural or adaptive ways our bodies are wired and attune and attend to those needs and desires, we can more easily get unstuck and change whatever it is we want to change. Our bodies were created to hold all our experiences: good, bad, and everything in between. We can tap into these experiences held in our bodies, but we can also proactively care for our bodies to set up our mind and soul for what is ahead. This is what I call body care. This includes giving our bodies all the essential things for thriving:

  • time outside in sunshine and nature

  • nutritious food (5 colors of fruit and veggies per day)

  • physical touch from loved ones

  • daily movement

  • physically feeling positive emotions in our bodies

Most of us take our bodies for granted and do not do the daily maintenance body care necessary to keep our body, mind and soul in prime shape for more joy, more love, and more goodness in our lives. We just forget to care for our bodies and then our mind and souls suffer and vice versa. I work with my clients to help them recognize their body sensations and experiences and give them the skills to respond to their bodies' wisdom to bring more calm and more peace to their minds and souls.

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