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Helping Those Who Need Us Most

Wholly Living Coaching and Consulting is a leader in supporting parents implement brain-body research to create the life and relationships they always hoped and dreamed. Join me in this  ground breaking online course to implement my signature S.O.A.R method to bring the joy and love back to your parenting and reduce the stress, frustration, and triggers. You are the parent your child needs!

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The Modules


Building Blocks

Before you can tap into your brain-body functions, you need to understand a little more of the big picture as your foundation.


Once you lay a strong foundation, the big blue sky is the limit.


Things like…


  • How the brain and body work together

  • Discover your personal attachment style (and your kids'!) Pro tip: they aren't always the same!

  • Understand the process of using this method and what to expect

  • 10 ways to set yourself up for long term success with my method

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Course is currently closed.

Waitlist sign up coming soon!

Join me in this ground breaking work to create an online course that will short circuit the therapy process for parents and kids, teach parents the skills they need to be successful in any parenting situation (or life situation, for that matter!) and help parents bring the joy back to their parenting relationships. 

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