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Organizational Change Coaching

Every organization goes through seasons of change. Heck, every organization worth their salt is constantly and consistently creating change in order to stay up to date with the latest technology and/or customer service standards. However, it's the people who need to change in order to improve and this is where most companies go wrong. They try to implement change without considering the "people" side of implementation, leading to higher turnover, decrease in quality customer service and more unhappy clients and customers. 

Until now.

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Change management is the art of implementing any change with the people in mind. As a trained Prosci change management specialist, I can walk your company through the process of building a change management plan from start to finish that will create motivation for change in your staff at all levels. I will equip your managers and leaders in the skills necessary to successfully implement change and, with my method, create happier and healthier environments. You don't have to do this alone.

My method:

By using the ADKAR method, I will:

1. Create an Sponsorship Roadmap for your leaders

2. Create an effective communication plan

3. Teach managers how to support staff throughout the change process using research based tactics and using my therapy background.

4. Work with your project manager to create milestones that include the people side of change needed in your organization. 

5. Empower you and your leaders to effectively implement and reinforce the changes needed in you organization.

Email me now for a quote!

Shoot me an email with your organization name, number of staff and the change you are implementing. I'll follow up with an email estimated quote and next steps. 

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